18 bullet trains – 1800 AIIMS, 1100 Rafale, 20 lakh crores Help Announced By Nirmala Sitharaman

Amidst the Corona emergency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reported a monetary bundle of 20 lakh crore rupees. It is normal that with this bundle the economy vehicle will begin running on the track. Be that as it may, the inquiry is, if this sum is spent in some other undertaking of the legislature, what will be the circumstance. How about we attempt to comprehend.

Bullet Train China

Sculpture of Unity ..

There are around 735 regions in the nation. Simultaneously, the financial plan of ‘Sculpture of Unity’ sculpture of Sardar Patel in Gujarat was around 3 thousand crores. In the event that the cash of the absolute bundle of the Modi government is spent distinctly on such sculptures, at that point one such Statue of Unity can be set up in right around 700 locale.

As indicated by the Bullet Train Project Estimate, the spending plan of the primary task (Ahmedabad to Mumbai) of Bullet Train is 1.10 lakh crores. On the off chance that the Modi government’s monetary bundle is placed in a slug train, at that point the shot train can run on 18 courses like Mumbai-Ahmedabad.

Rafale airplane

India-France has marked an arrangement of around 59,000 crores for 36 Rafale airplane. On the off chance that the complete financial bundle of the Modi government is spent on Rafale airplane itself, at that point the nation will get around 1100 Rafale airplane.

Rs 1,111 crore is evaluated for the AIIMS venture in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh at 1800 mms. On the off chance that the administration’s monetary bundle is spent on assembling AIIMS, at that point there will be 1800 AIIMS emergency clinics the nation over. That is, more than two AIIMS emergency clinics can be worked in many areas of the nation. Let me let you know here that there isn’t an equivalent expense for assembling AIIMS in each state. There are more than this in numerous states. The administration has given 99,300 crore rupees for training this year. This sum is around multiple times not exactly the administration’s monetary bundle.

On the off chance that the advance of 20 lakh crore bundle is circulated among the 130 crore individuals of the nation, at that point everybody will get around 15,300 rupees in their grasp. Government insights show that in the year 2019, on a normal each individual in India has an obligation of in excess of 62 thousand rupees.

Which means individuals’ obligation can be decreased. India’s complete outer obligation as of March 2019 was $ 543 billion (about Rs 37,758 billion). This advance can likewise be wiped out from a minor piece of the monetary bundle.


Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh had reported to give around 36 thousand crores for the improvement of the new Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The administration’s financial bundle is multiple times more than this. This implies on the off chance that the financial bundle of the legislature is spent on these states, at that point the whole club will change.

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